Monday, February 12, 2007


So in the last post I had a Rush-Limbaugh-on-steroids moment and wrote that I think global warming is a bunch of made-up crap. Then this guy named Nick gets on the comment line and proceeds to inform me that I must be the world's biggest jackass because I obviously haven't heard the right reverent Al Gore's sermon on the subject of Carbon Dioxide.

Pardon the shit out of me, but I don't genuflect at the name "Al Gore." I don't know what his science background is, but I'm willing to bet he's smoked a lot more grass than anybody who makes a living as a scientist. When Al Gore says something, particularly something so politically easy as getting behind the new global warming religion, I'm inclined to skepticism. Actually, my bullshit meter is set to alarm at anything Al Gore says. Not that he's never correct, mind you; it just works out better on a percentage basis to err on the side of caution.

BTW, Nick. This is a Blog, not the Washington Post. I'm primarily here because no reputable paper in the world will print my inane babble. And rightfully so. Please feel free to make comments. You and I can share the illusion that our opinions are worth the calories it took to formulate them.

Moving On

Forbes and BusinessWeek have weighed in on the Steve Jobs DRM letter. They're all trying to figure out how His Steveness is going to profit from The Letter.

I've already held forth on the topic enough. Screw DRM, anyway.

Apple makes money by building great stuff, and running it with great software. If a company is going to successfully slow down the Apple juggernaut they'll do it by building better stuff and running it with better software. In order to do that, they're gonna have to innovate up something new. That's risky. That's what Apple keeps doing.

The problem is they all want the brass ring but they don't want to risk falling off the painted pony to reach it.

Good luck, kids.