Thursday, February 08, 2007

Vista. Zune.

I noticed that nobody is really mentioning them, so I thought I should. A public service.

For simplicity and compatibility with your filing system, they're in alphabetical order.

Vista. Zune.

I feel dirty.

Note to Microsoft: Feel free to make large deposits into my brokerage account.

I've been reading all kinds of silly crap about the whole DRM letter from Steve Jobs. I'll bet you a bright shiny quarter that was all ol' Steve had in mind from the get-go. He just wanted to stir the shit a little. Things were dying down; it was a Tuesday. There weren't any new products to introduce and His Steveness was bored. So he decided to goose the system and get everybody jabbering.

It worked. The whole world's all riled up about DRM again. Guess what. They're all talking about Apple and Steve Jobs.

All the articles go "Apple blah blah blah iPod blah blah blah blah iTunes blah blah blah ruling the whole frigging world of digital download blah blah blah blah Steve Jobs blah blah Beatles blah blah blah."

Then in the last couple of paragraphs, "Yada yada Zune yada yada Playforsure yada yada Microsoft yada yada yada getting their asses kicked by Apple."

Steve Jobs just bought Apple favorable mention on half the websites on the internet. All it cost him was a little white space on More than half the literate blogs are positive. The bulk of the negative blog posts are bullshit or badly written; most are both.

Steve Jobs 1| Nitwits 0

Artie McStrawman has a website. Idiots with no sense of irony are calling him a mindless fanboy. That, my friends is what we're up against. The people who hate us are far too stupid to be engaged on a meaningful level.