Saturday, February 10, 2007

Good News

No news.

Steve Jobs isn't in jail. Vista still sucks.

There is an anti-Vista movement afoot: Vuck Vista. I'd link it if I was any kind of decent chap.

I'm not.

Too much work. There are probably some anti-self-immolation sites too. Seems too obvious of a thing to oppose.

Don't set fire to yourself. Don't waste money of bloatware that will piss you off.

To run Vista on your Mac, you have to pay extra for the Giant Economy Size Phosphate-Free Super Vista with a Sparkling Drop of Retsyn. Which you could if you really need Vista. Read: You really need the Beta Version of an inferior knock-off of the two-year old operating system you're already using.

Running Vista on a PC will probably require the purchase of a new computer. Might as well get a Mac.

The only reason to use Windows is to run old stuff. Run it with XP. Buy Mac versions of new stuff.

Windows Vista: Yesterday's technology at tomorrow's prices.