Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Few Notes as the Parade Goes By

Cisco and Apple have kissed and made up. Many analysts (assclowns mostly) think Cisco must have taken it in the shorts. Cisco doesn't do that. My guess is both side are happy. If they weren't, the lawyers would still be kicking each other in the shins and calling each other names.

Vista still sucks.

Zune still sucks.

20 years and counting. I've been online since the days when it was hard to get ten people together in a chat room. I still don't have any malware on my Mac.

Today, February 22, 2007, I, Rip Ragged (after using a shitload of commas), do hereby predict that as soon as enough people have Vista, and certainly by this time next year, there will be all manner of STDware for it.

Raw Benderly, the assclown, wrote some more stuff recently. You can go read it if you want to. I wouldn't if I were you.