Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Windows Machine

I was doing my regular research – reading Fake Steve – when I learned that Michael Gartenberg is going to move from Jupiter Research to Microsoft. He's going to be an "enthusiast evangelist," helping enthusiasts and influencers (sic) understand the great things going on in Redmond. He'll also have a podcast.

I read his blog so you don't have to. Near as I understand it, he's going to be preaching to the choir – Microsoft enthusiasts. His fan club will consist of people who consider "reboot" to be a part of their normal day. He'll be keeping them abreast of the exciting things Microsoft is doing; writing on the website and in his podcast.

So, basically, he can just download the archives of MacDailyNews and The Apple Insider. Then, when a story is three or four years old, he can just just do a Find/Replace; take out Apple; put in Microsoft, then report it on his podcast.

Enthusiasts who have iTunes on their Windows machines and iPods can listen to his podcast.

No, none of them are links. If you're a Microsoft enthusiast, though, watch for your chance to download a PODCAST from Michael Gartenberg – with your Apple software to your Apple hardware – about what great stuff Microsoft has.