Saturday, February 03, 2007

Weekend Recap

This week in Apple news, nothing much happened.

Melissa in accounting had a hangnail on Monday, and was unable to find the fingernail clippers she was certain she had in her desk. She spent several minutes looking for them. Eventually she borrowed a pair from Mike in the next cubicle. Other than that it was a pretty slow week.

A company in Washington introduced a new theme for Intel-based, non Apple computers. The theme, called Vista – although it looks an awful lot like OS X and does a lot of the same stuff – is certainly not a copy of OS X. The lead geek for the company said as much. Also, a copy would have been better received by the tech press. They announced it in New York because frankly, in Washington we're pretty sick of hearing about it.

There will be another football game tomorrow. The Chicago Bears will play the Indianapolis Colts. The line is the Colts by 7. If I was betting, I'd take the Bears and the spread. My Mom thinks the Colts will win. Mom's scientific appraisal of the game is, "Peyton Manning has the cutest tush in the NFL." It's hard to argue with that. I haven't developed a system for accurately comparing pro footbal players' tush cuteness. If you know someone who has, please don't tell me about it. Thank you.

I got my new issue of Mac|Life today. They like the iPhone. Go figure. After carefully reading their article about the iPhone, I still want one. I also want an AppleTV thingy, a new Airport Extreme base station, and a Mac Pro with 16 Gb of RAM, 2 Tb of HD, ps, at, ac, am/fm/cassette/CD/mp3/VHS/Beta.

One other small note: The hullaballoo over DVD formats means exactly dick. By the time the dust settles, CDs and DVDs will seem as rustic and quaint as vinyl records and cathode ray tubes. Hard media is dead.