Thursday, July 26, 2007

Train Kept Rolling

Just got done reading Dan Eran over at Roughly Drafted. Good stuff. I like his analysis and his writing. Right now he's going on about 10 big lies the press is telling about Apple and the iPhone. It's worth a read. Lot's of FUD being spread out there.

I'd say Dan is dead on accurate. On the other hand, it just doesn't matter. All these bozos out there reading from the scripts they're handed are just shouting at the train going by. See, the iPhone is cooler than anything else out there. It's all over the TV. Yeah. Apple has figured out the power of TV advertising.

People are buying the iPhone. LOTS of people are buying the iPhone. And the iPhone is cool. The iPhone is a thong bikini on a 20-year old supermodel. By comparison, every other phone looks like boxer shorts on grandpa. People's covetous friends will go buy iPhones so they can be cool, too.

It's what happened with the iPod. Every other mp3 player is a wannabe; except the Zune which isn't even close.

It's happening with the Mac, too. Enterprise is starting to discover the Mac. Yeah. IT guys. They're saying that Vista, the next version of Windows, isn't an upgrade worth the effort or money. It's bloatware. Apple really has upgrades. Leopard really will do new stuff and be more advanced. It's true.

So, while I agree with everything Dan's saying over at Roughly Drafted, in the long run the Entners and Enderles and Dvoraks and all the other assclown Microsoft shills just don't matter. The Apple train is coming through; they're just waving a few dumbasses onto the tracks. The train won't even notice.

Just in case you missed it, Apple stock closed up almost $10 --> $146.00

I'm in heat. I'm in love. But I just couldn't tell her so.