Friday, July 27, 2007

R.I.P. Asshat

John C. Dvorak is gone. Replaced by a Tleilaxu face-dancer.

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. This article says he's using a Mac. He likes it. He recommends Macs to friends.

This means that one of several things has happened.

1. JCD is dead. His work is being continued by a shape-shifter.

2. Microsoft has cut him off because his shilling has gotten too obvious.

3. He's getting ready to retire and he wants reclaim his dignity before he shuffles off.

4. JCD is using a Macintosh and he actually likes it and is willing to actually say so on a Windows-centric site.

Let's start with number four. This one would seem to be the most likely. This is also the least plausible. This guy has made a living for the last 20+ years ripping Apple and the Macintosh. This would be a lot like Richard Simmons endorsing Happy Meals.

Number three is a bit more likely, but falls short. His dignity has always been Windows-based. Mac has been superior to Windows – really superior – since OS X v10.1.
That's been enough time for him to discover it before now. Come on. The guy has been a huge critic of Apple since the mid-eighties; he had to know. If he really thought his dignity was injured, he'd have done something about it sooner.

I was just kidding about number two. Microsoft would never cut somebody off for telling blatantly obvious lies that they like the sound of. Shrill dishonesty in flattering Microsoft products and trashing competitors would never be in any way discouraged by Redmond. I've been reading John's stuff since 1987. If anything, he'd get chopped off for being too kind to Apple.

So that leaves only one possibility. Dvorak is gone; replaced by a Face Dancer from the Bene Tleilax.

Hasta la vista, John.

Zune News

Apparently the Zune News site is off line. So I decided to check over at Zune Nation to see if they have info. They're claiming that the Zune has 9% of the hard drive based portable music player market, and 2% of the overall market.

The weird thing on the site was the poll in the sidebar. I swear this is true.

What is your current portable music setup?

  • iPod + iTunes
  • iPod, No iTunes
  • Other Music Player
  • No Portable Player
The Zune Nation recognizes its own statistical insignificance. What message should the rest of us take from that?

Oops. Beer time.