Wednesday, July 11, 2007

And we're not done yet

Apparently a couple of fund managers read yesterday's post, or decided to have a couple less hits off the bong today. There was a little bit of "profit taking" this morning. Then they said, "Oh Feck," and bought back a few shares after the price started back up.

Did you see Microsoft's new XBox controller? It has a big red glans (the CEO button) on the top of it. Talk about your innovation. Seems like they'd start with a less sensitive body part, maybe an elbow or a knuckle. I can just hear the TV saying, "Slower. Please, just a little slower."

Politics as Usual

The Democrats are all bent out of shape because of Apple and AT&T having an exclusive deal on the iPhone. Oh my aching toenails. Free commerce is happening that may not directly benefit my district with cash money. I must enact some legislation, call a subcommittee hearing, subpoena somebody, start an investigation. Frickin' Hell.

The Republicans are all boinked off at each other for us not pulling out of Iraq quickly enough for their pollsters, or at each other for being either stupid suck-ups or poll-driven poltroons. Washington politics: polls provide principles for pompous posturing. Pretty pathetic.

Fortunately for us, they'll cancel each other out without accomplishing a frigging thing.

No News and Lots of it

Rumor mongers are blathering some crap about a "touchscreen iPod." They're just breathless about this thing. "OOOOOOOOooooooooooh." Let's see. Apple just started shipping a mobile phone that will do everything except the maid. Now, it's big news that they might have a device in the wings that will do less stuff – cheaper.

Yawn. Stretch. AND?

When did we all get to be so rumor driven? Why can't it be okay that nothing is going on? Nothing is happening for a few days in the world of Apple.


Down in the dungeon they're working on something cool. When it's important we'll know. Peace out, people.

Oh, to hell with it.