Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another Good Day

There are good days for being a chest-thumping stock-holding asshole Apple fanboy. What springs immediately to mind is a day when the company announces earnings that blow away the analysts' predictions by $0.20/share.

The Hack

That big bad old iPhone hack sounds pretty scary. If you're hooked up to a malicious WiFi hotspot, a hacker has a chance of maybe getting control of your iPhone.

The thing is the guy who developed the hack said he wouldn't give up his iPhone. And he said Apple already has the patch.

All the Microsofties are at it again, though. Somebody hacked an Apple product. Everyone who owns an Apple product must apologize to Redmond for ever suggesting that Apple products can never be hacked.

Actually, I've never heard anyone say OS X is absolutely secure. I have heard people say OS X is far and away more secure than any other platform. That is only partly true. It's mathematically true that there are really far fewer exploits written for OS X than any other platform. So, it's factually obvious that there are far fewer malware infections on Macs. But the reality is, that if you have a Windows (or Linux) machine turned off, unplugged, sitting under a stack of books and papers, it won't get any malware in that configuration. Ever. Which makes that particular Windows (or Linux) machine as secure as a Mac for as long as it stays off and unplugged. Also they make great doorstops.

Apple is going to blow past $150 a share soon. Still no acknowledgement from that wussy Forbes guy.

Fraidy cat.