Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oops. One More Thing.

Did I forget to mention that Apple closed at a new all time high?

With all the iPhone hype something slipped my mind; Apple is still selling computers and iPods and Apple TVs and movies and music.

Universal wants a new deal with Apple. Too late. When the record companies owned the game, they could have innovated. Durable media is all but dead. The record companies could have seen it coming and found a way to profit from the new reality. They didn't. Record company executives are not visionaries. They only exist to profit from people with talent. The internet is eating their lunch.

Digital distribution is here. People will download music and pass around CDs and hack DRM. The only way for the record companies to stem the bleeding is to either play along with iTunes or come up with something better. Subscriptions have been tried. They don't work.

Apple knows what we want, and is determined to sell it to us the way we want it. They will. Not because Steve Jobs is some beneficent deity, but because what we want and how we want it is a straight line road map to our pocketbooks.

The tech press is all abuzz that Apple needs Universal more than Universal needs Apple.


Derivation: Without using a search engine, name another non-subscription online music store. Just one. I'll wait.