Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Death of an Old Friend

My G5 was an original. One of the first single-processor 1.8 GHz (with the 900 Hz bus).

It's been getting a little wheezy for a while now, but I thought it had another year in it. Saturday night it started spontaneously restarting. sunday morning it it shut down but wouldn't restart. It would just go to the spinning silver asshole of death and stop. So I decided to buy a new MacPro.

Today I fished out my copy of Drive Genius and decided to see if it could repair the hard drives. Maybe that would help. It seemed to. The 500 Gig drive wouldn't take repairs, but the 250G drive was fine. I ran the 10.4.6 installer disk. Everything seemed to be going fine.

Then I tried to restart. It won't even light up the screen. The power light won't stay on.

The G5 is dead.

I think this is a G4 PowerBook. My wife's.

It doesn't suck, but it isn't my G5.

Oh well. The MacPro will be cooler than a wool and silk Blues Brothers costume complete with Raybans and a bull whip.

Apple closed at an all time high again today because I bought a new MacPro.

You're welcome.

Did I leave my slippers in here?