Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekend Snapshot

The weekend is upon us. I'm recovering nicely from my bout with the satan-stomping-on-my-head flu. In my free time I've been reading all kinds of junk all over the web.

Here are some things I've found out that you didn't even need to dust the crystal ball to see coming:

The iPod nano kicks ass. I mean, seriously. There were doubts? People have been bitching for months about Apple not updating the iPod, now they're all surprised that Apple updated the line up. Here's the part that has all the guys really wetting their BVDs: The new iPods are (wait for it...) different than the ones they're replacing. Pretty scary if you think about it.

There are software unlocks for the iPhone. Apparently lots of them. The new firmware Apple should be introducing soon might or might not break the unlocks. With all the whining and crying going on you'd think the Messiah was on the web tossing souls into the lake of fire. Boys and girls, listen, please. The iPhone/AT&T thing is a package deal. It's just how the thing frigging works. If you don't want the deal, buy a feckin' Razr. If you want to noodle around with the guts of the iPhone be prepared to have the machine, the software, Apple, and AT&T crap all over your user experience.

There are still some people sniveling about the price of the iPhone coming down.

Waaah. It was only five weeks. Sniff. Oh, I just get angrier and angrier every time I think of it. Snuffle. The $100 rebate is only half of the money they owe me back. Blubber. And I can't even buy iTunes music with it. Sob.
We all feel your pain. Really. But if this is causing you ongoing discomfort seek therapy. Your problem is entirely located between your ears. You are not injured. You could afford $599 for a phone. You didn't buy it because you liked the price, you bought it because it was cool. It's still cool. You are an early adopter. There's a price for that. You paid it. Things are tough all over. Shut. Up.

Apple is (maybe, possibly, we think, according to someone who knows a guy who talked to somebody else whose cousin's best friend hangs out with a blogger who runs an Apple rumor site) going to announce something about the iPhone in England. Nobody has concrete information or company announcements. The lack of facts did not discourage reporting, opinions, rumors, or flame-wars about reporting, opinions, and rumors.

Microsoft went into peoples' computers and updated Windows without asking their permission. They apologized. Excuse me for being cranky, but if I was a Windows user, I think I'd like a little more than a pat on the hand and a kind word after having my privacy invaded that bluntly. If Apple had done that, Steve Jobs would be staked in the desert naked on an anthill. The Borg gets away with, "Oops. Sorry."

Microsoft's customers are willing to put up with shit like that. If they aren't, they have options. So go ahead and pick on your friends who own Windows boxes. They're into that.

Well, that's enough for now. I think I'll go kick a cat.