Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh, Crap

I've been taken to task by Leigh.

It seems the Constitution may not support my jingoistic screed about illegal aliens. I just re-read it to check my facts. While I may be full of shit – this is my blog after all – it's the one place on the planet where I can be full of shit with impunity.

At any rate, I don't see anything in the Constitution that says laws can't be enforced.

The Constitution of the United States of America does indeed limit the powers of Government, but not below the threshold of enforcing the nation's borders against illegal immigration. Nor is the government restricted by the Constitution to not enforce laws because Paul Krugman has sand in his crack, or because Ellen Goodman is having a bad hair day.

If our immigration laws are wrong, we need to fix them. If they aren't being fairly applied, we need to address how they are applied. But until we do, we need to enforce the laws. If there are people in the country illegally, they need to find a way to align themselves with the laws of the State. Alternatively, they can get the hell out. If the government wants to grant limited amnesty, well, that's just a stupid way to set an ugly precedent.

As near as I know, the U.S. of A. has about the most open borders of any country on spaceship Earth. And we can't even enforce the liberal laws we have but the left wing reaches for their Vagisil®.

Legal scholars may want to argue about this, but it is clearly implicit to me in the Constitution that it is for the protection of the rights of "the People of the United States," not "everybody who's in the United States." "The People of the United States of America" says "citizens" to me.

The secret to fair trade is open borders? That sounds all snuggly wuggly, but it isn't real-world functional unless the borders are open both ways. Borders open in one direction only is the mechanism for a host-parasite relationship. If our neighbors want the benefits of open borders, they need to open their borders – not just insist we do. Try immigrating to Mexico and pulling the same shit we let them get away with here. You'll find yourself rotting in a jail cell.

I don't align myself with liberals or conservatives or even libertarians, although I'm most likely to agree with a roomful of the latter than the former two. And I sure as hell don't align myself with Pat Buchanan. He's a liberal big government fascist masquerading as a conservative. I don't like illegal aliens in the country because it's against the law, and our piss-ass bureaucracy doesn't have the cojones to enforce the law; our legislature lacks the brains and imagination to change the laws. We're becoming more and more a nation of too many unenforced (unenforceable?) laws.

Tax codes, speed limits, immigration, federal and state regulations that carry the force of law without the burden of legislation or the restriction of jurisprudence, the list goes on and on. Everybody in America is in danger of violating the law by simply not understanding the massive tax code. Never mind sending your toxic Ni-Cad batteries to the landfill – polluter.

Time for my medicine.