Friday, September 07, 2007

Stupid People

Well, the foolishness has carried all the way to the weekend. The big Apple selloff continued all day today.

Apple just introduced a whole slew of redesigned iPods, and the fundtards are running scared because the price on the iPhone went down. Dumb asses. Apple is about to consume the entire tech planet. It no longer matters that Apple's stuff is technologically superior.

Dan "fakesteve" Lyons has a thing in Forbes where he says that MediaCenter is superior to Front Row. He might be right. Who gives a shit? In order to run it, you have to use Windows. Let's say Microsoft made the best lasagna in the world, better than Apple's even. Apple serves their second rate pasta in the dining room (OS X). Microsoft serves their delicious lasagna in (Windows) the second stall of the men's room in an all-night diner. At least there's a whole fresh roll of napkins.

Front Row will do fine for me.

Apple's going to announce earnings for this quarter in a few weeks. I am seriously pissed that I don't have cash to buy a few more shares right now.

A few more notes on the iPhone:

My daughter has one. Her boyfriend has one. I have to get one for wifey-poo soon.

Arthur C. Clarke once observed that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Well, the iPhone isn't quite all magic. I've been in the front row at a David Copperfield show. That's magic, and it's cool. The iPhone is just technology. Wait. I don't know how they do that touch screen thing any more than I know how Copperfield makes the license plate appear in the box.

Okay. It's magic.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think there are a few more Pringles in the kitchen.