Saturday, December 09, 2006

Zune Question

Here's a Zune question ---

The whole world was screaming because Apple's AAC DRM won't play on other mp3 players, right? "Oh Apple's not playing fair. They have to let us all play stuff from iTunes on everything or they're violating all kinds of rules we're making right now."

Now Microsoft introduces a player that won't even play all of their own music. They just fucked every anti-Apple ally they had in the whole world to introduce a third-rate piece of shit mp3 player that already failed in the market once.

Where the hell is the outcry?

Is everyone afraid to offend the mighty Microsoft behemoth?

Nobody reads this blog anyway, so....

Dear Mr. Ballmer,

Your bloated top-heavy bureaucracy does not possess the ability to create a product that can compete successfully in a free marketplace. Zune and Vista are far better Apple marketing tools than Justin Long could ever hope to be.