Monday, March 03, 2008

The MacBook Air Jordan

For regular readers of Rip Ragged it will come as no surprise that a MacBook Air Jordan is harder to find than a baseball player without needle-tracks on his ass. Ars Technica says they only found a few backwater Apple retailers with MBAJs in stock. Duh.

MBAJs are cool. Cool sells. Specs don't sell computers to non-geeks. It took almost 30 years, but computer functionality is finally becoming a commodity. The computer itself is just a means to get to that commodity. That means, for those of you who use Windows, the computer itself is irrelevant to the average guy. What's important is email, web browsing, watching King of the Hill and listening to Trini Lopez on the airplane. The degree to which that can be accomplished without telephone calls determines the value of the device itself.

Joe Cleanroomequipmentsalesman doesn't give a big rat's ass what the processor clock speed is. He doesn't care how many RPM the dogdamn hard drive spins at, or how many megawhatchamajiggers of thoughput the fragglepicker wiggles. All that matters is that the computer does all the stuff it's supposed to do.

Add that it's the coolest looking laptop ever.

Add that it comes pre-loaded with iLife – which has no equal as a suite of applications anywhere at any price – for free.

Add that it's got the same logo as the ├╝bercoolest phone ever, and my iPod.

Add that it's made by THE NUMBER ONE MOST ADMIRED CORPORATION, according to Fortune.

Who the hell is surprised that the MacBook Air Jordan is selling well? I'm pretty sure I called it. I'd go look, but that might constitute research. I'm not sure whether it would or not, but looking that up would definitely be research. I'm pretty sure.

Of course Apple's stock is down today with all that good news. I mean, that's good for me. I'm planning to get some more. But it sure is stupid for the stock to be down this much.

Oh, well. Back to work.