Thursday, March 06, 2008

The iPhone Thingy

The iPhone is about to eat planet Earth. If, um, you're one of the people who bet against that – and you have any shame or sense of decency – it's time to feel really, really stupid. You don't have to admit it. After all, if you're a financial/tech analyst or a fundtard, admitting you're wrong would be a sign of weakness. Just being an ignorant sheep-like echo chamber of other peoples' stupid opinions won't cost you your job. Mediocrity pays the rent, right?

Around about Junish, the ass-kickingest phone on the planet is going to get better by a quantum leap. About the only thing the Blackberry will do better than the iPhone in late summer is collect dust. If you're really hooked on that fugly little keyboard, well, that sucks for you. Really.

I read the MacWorld liveblog of the event, and now I can't wait for June to get here. I want my iPhone 2.0. Really. That's all there is to say about it. Well, that and:


Phoebe Snow, Poetry Man. Arguably the sexiest jazz recording ever. I've listened to it on vinyl, tapes, CDs, and iTunes. For 30+ years I've listened to that song and I still get goosebumps every frigging time it plays.

Now, would somebody please give back my calculator. I'm late for class.