Friday, March 14, 2008

Dang it. I Forgot.

I forgot to mention that Android is going to overtake the iPhone in the market. That's the story from Google, anyway.

Android is gonna run on lots of different platforms.
Android is gonna be like Google all over your phone.
Android is gonna do lots of cool stuff that's even better than the iPhone.
There is stuff you can do with Android that you can't do with the iPhone.
Android is gonna just be wicked, wicked cool.
The fact that Android doesn't, technically, exist on any devices is somehow not mentioned as a drawback. I like football analogies. The way I see it, the clock is running. Apple's team is on the field alone scoring touchdowns. Many other teams are claiming they are going to beat Apple, but none of them are in the game. NONE. Android doesn't even have version out for public scrutiny on a real piece of electronics.

I'm not sure I haven't missed anything, so fill me in, here. Is there another technology that has caught up to iPhone 1.0? I don't remember anything like that. And, um, isn't iPhone 2.0 out in beta for release in June?

If that's right, then something that's going to blow the doors off the iPhone is going to need to get started here pretty soon. Right? Am I right?

I haven't mentioned this for a while: Vista sucks.

Now. Now, I'll have a slice of cheesecake. Thank you.