Friday, March 14, 2008

Couple of Quick Things

I agree with Paul on last night's post. Apple isn't trying to secure individual machines. That would be nearly impossible, anyway. But I'll bet a cold bottle of Perrier they could break any unsanctioned app that gets released on the web. Individual hackers breaking individual machines won't keep Master Jobst Fimil away from the sandman.

I think the "wave of rejection letters" for developers for the developer beta are because it's beta for Apple, too. They have to make sure their system is going to work on their end. They have to limit the numbers until they know how they're going to handle it. A mobile application store that services millions of downloads wirelessly is a new thing. Nobody is doing it at all. Apple wants to make sure they're doing it right.

The worst thing Master Jobst Fimil could do is to screw it up in delivery to the user. Patience, young Jedi.

Mom's here. More later.