Sunday, March 16, 2008


Hey! Where is everybody? I feel like Eliot Spitzer at a family reunion.

I was kidding in the last post, you know. I meant skinny, expensive, fun to look at, AND useless.

Is that better?

Hey, does anyone know how to hack a Sony TV? Is there something I can download? It has a USB port, so there must be a way. My stupid television won't let me use the whole screen for computer output. I didn't go to all the good time and trouble to hook the nasty thing up to my MacBook so I could watch The Outlaw Josey Wales on a little rectangle in the middle of the screen.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes wrote something ignorant, fact-free, and easily debunked.

Don't bother. I'm not going to.

Slashdot is reporting that iPhone 2.0, which hasn't even been released, may have been hacked.

It's nice of them to finally catch up with the rest of us.

ZDNet headline:
Apple to iPhone devs: Keep on developing for Jailbroken iPhones guys!

Would everyone just wait a minute? We haven't even got the makings for a good molehill yet. Appparently some guy named Philip Elmer-Dewitt (I'm not making that up) from Fortune put on his size-28 orange shoes and red nose and claimed that Apple delivered a mighty slap in the face to potential developers.

This from a letter that said, "Can you hold please?"

John McCain just has to sit back and take notes until June. It really doesn't matter who the candidate turns out to be. McCain should have everything he needs.

The whole media focus on the Dems is a black man versus a white woman. I thought the liberal media was above all that crap by now. Oddly, they can't seem to move the discussion to any other metric. Weird.

Oops. School night.