Friday, August 10, 2007

Universal Disses Apple

Universal is about to teach Steve Jobs a lesson in humility.

They're going to sell their music without DRM on other online stores, but not iTunes. This is going to have a huge impact on... um... well... nothing.

Hey! Universal! Pull your heads out of your asses for a minute. The internet has a thing called peer-to-peer sharing going on. The only people who are affected by your dumbass strategy are the honest customers who are willing to pay for their music.

The people who pirate music are not honest. The people who are honest do not pirate music. These are two separate and distinct groups of people. You are beating up the wrong people.

The dishonest people (the ones who are going to pirate music) don't give a damn what you do with your DRM. You can make it so it's impossible to play any song twice in a calendar week if you want to. They will make copies and distribute them.

The honest people deal with all of this DRM silliness. We're not going to pirate music. We just want to buy it and listen to it. We don't mind paying a fair price for it. If we keep being punished for our honesty, we might start to rethink that.

The reward for honesty and square dealing seems to be that we have to continuously figure out more convoluted processes to listen to our music. That gets tiresome.

The punishment for dishonesty appears to be the ability to listen to anything you want to anywhere you want to for free. That sounds cool.

You record company executives had better figure this out soon, or you're going to need to learn how to operate a deep fryer and a cash register.

Repeat after me: "Super size that for fifty-nine cents?"