Thursday, August 09, 2007

Holy Crap

I just did almost five full minutes of research. Let me get a glass of water.

Have you heard of Zonbu? No, it isn't a xaolin sect or a Japanese movie with a guy in a big rubber lizard suit. It's a "computer." According to Rob Enderle, this computer could be a real problem for Apple.

The Zonbu offers free software upgrades, remote file access, unlimited internet support, and Linux – all for only $99.00. Oh yeah, and $12.95 a month. A careful look at the website doesn't show any screen shots. That may be because it doesn't have a monitor. There's also no picture of a keyboard, or mouse. Just a little box with a USB port. Surprise.

I'm struggling to figure out exactly how this is supposed to deprive Phil Schiller of sleep. Didn't we just work out that the subscription model doesn't work? Or did I miss something?

The "words that start with Z are very futuristic" people have proven unable to make a dent in Apple's other market (remember "Zune?").

Apple isn't courting the "stupid people who think they can get something for nothing" demographic; and if memory serves, the "computer for extremely poor and gullible people" is somebody else's business model.

Anyway, Rob Enderle seems to think that Zonbu is the next big thing.

I mean this as a friend, Rob. It's 2007. You're all grown up. All your friends have gone. Find something you know how to do and get a job. They're not laughing with you. They're laughing at you.