Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Bigass Media Event

Yay. New iMacs. They're cool.

New stuff on .Mac. 10Gb of storage. I can back up my purchased music to my iDisk. That's cool.

New iLife '08. I ordered it. That's cool.

They upgraded the Mac mini; and the Airport Extreme base station without bumping the price. Cool.

Can we all exhale now?


We have to wait until Enderle, Thurott, Dvorak and all the other dinkweed critics tell us what's wrong with it all. We already think they're dinkweeds, but they'll write something to refresh and enhance that assessment so we can spend a few weeks calling them dinkweeds.

Then we can spend a few weeks patting each other on the back for how smart we are to be Mac users unlike those smelly, hairy Linux geeks or those capri-Dockered microtards. And, frankly, these days it feels pretty good to be an Apple guy.

By then it will be time to start speculating about when His Steveness will introduce something new and improved. And then the cycle begins anew.

I have a brand new rant, fresh out of the rant orchard:

Rip on disks

Why in the name of all that's decent do I have to wait for iLife to be shipped to me on a disk? I've gone to all the good time and trouble to have a first rate broadband connection. Why can't I just download it?

I'm all ears if someone has a sound technical reason why downloading isn't even an offered option. Wouldn't it be cheaper to sell me the software via the iTunes music store?

In my arrogant opinion there should be no reason for anyone with a broadband connection to ever buy software on a disk. Ever.

I'm no greenie, but if I was I'd be wondering why all the plastic and paper was being used to package a product that could be delivered electronically. Then I'd wonder why all that fossil fuel needed to be burned shipping it. All that just to keep the consumer from using the software for a few extra days? It seems stupid to me.

On the plus side, being pissed about having to wait a week to play with Magic Garageband did give me an easy topic to bitch about, so it isn't all bad.

Pizza's here.