Monday, August 13, 2007

It's Monday

Okay. It's a weekday. Um... Well... I know, I know. I should do something. Shut up.

I got iLife '08. Just iPhoto is enough to justify the whole price. An hour after it was installed, my photo library was almost completely organized. I say almost because that's the point where I stopped and moved on to just fiddling with the rest of the suite.

You cannot get anything like iLife for Windows. Which is not a critique of the Windows experience. There are lots of people who have no urge to express creativity using a computer. Windows makes perfect sense for them, because that option isn't bundled.

In case you missed it – CAN NOT. You could cobble together a set of programs that address roughly the same tasks.

Not knowing the Windows software market very well, I'll make a bet with anyone who'll take it. I'll bet half a tube of Rembrandt® that no one can put together a collection of software for a Windows machine that will:

1. Organize photos.

2. Create and edit HD movies.

3. Build and burn a professional format DVD.

4. Create digital music from loops and midi files.

5. Graphically build and publish a website.

All for under $100 (including tax and shipping).

I can afford to make that bet because a.) I have a half a tube of Rembrandt, and b.) I'm pretty sure that all that software doesn't even exist for Windows. You'll pay a few hundred to get sorta close.

Also, I looked at the iWork '08 trial that shipped with iLife. I just want to say, "ooh."

All I did was open Keynote and look at the templates. That was it. The stock templates in Keynote make the templates Microsoft ships with PowerPoint look like urine stains on a tablecloth.

I haven't even fiddled with Numbers or Pages yet.

A little reading around the internet reveals that Vista and Zune suck. Still. Dang.

Time for my medication.