Monday, November 12, 2007

Well, Not Much To Report

The Seahawks looked okay, tonight. Good enough to humiliate the Chardonnay bibbers from the Bay. Football fans turned the TV off at halftime. San Francisco fans probably didn't make it to halftime. Only the most humanitarian of Seahawk fans left the stadium before midway through the fourth quarter. Die-hard Seahawk fans who don't have tickets, watched the last seconds tick off the clock in High-Definition.


I even put up with those goobers they have calling the games. There are two more people than are needed in the ESPN MNF booth. Their names are Jaworski and Kornheiser. One guy who knows the game, and one guy who knows how to call games, ala John and Al, would be fine. I don't know who should be in the booth beside Mike Tirico, but those two noodles should definitely be elsewhere. How about Mack Strong? A former head coach? A former assistant coach? An unemployed soccer coach? Anybody else.

Man, the announcing sucked.

Okay. That's enough. Beddy-bye time. I gave wifey-poo her iPhone a day early.