Monday, November 12, 2007

OS X Undocumented Feature Alert

Alright, the system requirements for this are pretty intense: You have to be running OS X, and you have to have a mouse with a scroll wheel. Actually, I only know it works with a Mighty Mouse.

Roll the cursor arrow over the iTunes window. The scroll wheel adjusts the volume. You don't have to press any keys or anything.

I just discovered this. You probably already knew.

Other really unimportant news ---

Apple's stock is down again, in spite of cool stuff like that. Oh well. It'll be back. I might buy some.

Did you see the new "I'm a Mac" ads? Something finally struck me about them. The discussion really is Mac vs. Microsoft. OS X vs. Windows. The other machine makers don't even matter in the debate. Dell, Sony, Gateway, HP and all the others sell blank slates. They are pawns. Cornered like rats. Ballmer says, they do. They have no choice. They have to build hardware that is compatible with Redmond Bloatware. Dirty shame.

Only one rehearsal this week. Three shows this weekend. I get to watch Monday Night Football tonight. Woo. Hoo.

Oops. Gotta run. I have to buy wifey-poo an iPhone today. Tomorrow is her birthday.