Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blogging Ad Nauseam

I just went and read Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writing about Robert Scoble writing about getting together with Mac-owning friends for dinner and continuing to carp because his Mac crashed. He apparently is the first person to ever have a Mac crash. He's pretty sure that it's a conspiracy designed to inflict pain on him as an individual.

If you missed the whole thing with Scoble, it's like this: His Mac kernel-panicked. He has no idea why. Based on that he said, "Screw you, Apple." Several times. He doesn't know what the problem is, but he's absolutely sure where to place the blame. Jackass. Then he goes public on his blog belligerently slamming Apple.

He claims that as a result of that he was called, "every name in the book." I read most of the comments on the day of the post. He must have a very thin book – and a very thin skin. He was called lazy, immature, and unprofessional. Based on his writing, he clearly qualified for all of those. I have a book with a lot more names in it than that. Based on his childish rant, he qualified for a number of them too.

So then Adrian Kingsley-Hughes picked up on this and decided it was a good time to complain that Apple's ads aren't really accurate. No shit. Inaccurate advertising. Imagine that. All that other advertising you see on TV is just spot on. Just spray some of this brand of aftershave on your ass and you'll be up to your stinky armpits in horny 20-year women with enormous breasts and practically no clothes. Really. That ugly little car that drives on building ledges with only two wheels is for real. The people at McDonalds are always thin, trim, and cool. All the waitresses at TGI Friday's look like supermodels. Driving a butt-ugly Cadillac really is sexually arousing for people who have the money and looks to actually get laid. But Apple's ads are an inaccurate portrayal of real technological realities. Dammit. I base all my computer buying decisions on TV ads, too. Just thinking about it makes me doubt everything.

If you don't read Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, now isn't the time to start. Initially I was going to pick his piece apart ala the Macalope, but it isn't really worth all that.

Hey, smart developers out there – how about designing an anti-bookmark? The way it should work is, you mark a site with an anti-bookmark (dorkmark?). Later, if you try to go to that URL a window pops up and says, "This site pisses you off. Do you really want to go here?" You can still click through, but the browser reminds you that you'd probably rather not.

Maybe a more advanced version could look ahead at the byline and warn you if you're about to stumble upon a previously identified flame-baiting troll with a new URL. Maybe it could be called "The Scobleizer." Wait. I think that's taken.

Anyway, Scoble and Kingsley-Hughes add nothing new to any discussion. Just a lot of kicking the Mcstraw out of Artie. Although it's interesting that they disagree on exactly where to kick.

Peter Pan is over. I should be back on a normal schedule any second now.

One more hot dog over here. Just mustard.