Saturday, November 17, 2007

Oh, the humanity

The more Apple does, the worse trouble they're in. The FUD machine is up and running hot and fast. Robert Scoble's computer crashed. Fortune thinks the iPhone is in for a bumpy ride. The stock price has had a near-term dip. Apple is issuing all kinds of bug fixes and security patches.

What's a fanboy to do? I guess I'll just curl up in a corner with my blankie and suck my thumb.

While I'm sitting there sniveling and wiping my face with a tissue, I'll content myself with the knowledge that everybody who sees my iPhone immediately wants one; my Mac Pro hasn't crashed yet; my Apple shares are worth twice as much as they were this time last year; Apple's security patches are for problems that have not yet occurred, but theoretically could have. Lastly, the bug fixes in Leopard came three weeks after the release of the OS upgrade, and they fixed most of the stuff everybody was most upset about.

Andy Ihnatko did a positive review of the new Zune. Really. He said it doesn't suck. Andy is one of my heroes, so I'll have to believe him, but I still don't want one.

Gee. The world doesn't seem so scary anymore.

That, and there are only two more performances of Peter Pan. Yeah. Life is good.

No. I will not put the seat down.