Thursday, November 08, 2007

Quick Note

Somebody is suing Apple because, as everyone knows, you can't use iTunes without an iPod, and you can't listen to anything on your iPod that you haven't bought on iTunes.

That's kind of like suing Jerome Bettis for being a girl, isn't it?

They're out there, people. They vote. They drive. They procreate.

The stock market did weird shit today. I didn't do anything but watch.

What the hell is all the commotion about the Google phone? Google says, "We're gonna do a phone thing," and the frigging planet starts to unravel. They have absolutely no hardware experience. None. They have to rely on people who have experience making lame hardware, and a whole bunch of other companies and people that want their names mentioned first. Good luck, Googlephone. The tech media, like most demographics, is peopled with utter dipshits.

Dress rehearsal tonight. Opening night tomorrow.

The good news is - five shows. Then I get my life back.

As soon as I have some good pics of the show, I'll post a few.

Now, where the hell are my brown socks?