Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday Stuff

I went over to the Macalope. You should.

He reads stuff that I don't. Anyway, it seems like there are all kinds of people out there on the web predicting that the iPhone is going to be a huge flop. The iPhone, according to some real dimwits, is going to be the ruination of Apple.

Oh please.

Some asshole said he considered it too much of a hassle while driving his family around listening to the iPod to turn off his music to answer the phone. Yeah. Especially if you're right in the middle of eating a hamburger, shaving, getting a blowjob, and trying to change lanes. What a dork.

I'm willing to bet a vintage pair of Reeboks that five million people who want iPhones don't get one until July because they didn't get close enough to the front of the line. Round about the time Apple's stock hits $115.

For those who don't get it, let me explain:

The iPhone is going to kick some serious ass. The cell phone people have had over five months since His Steveness debuted the communication paradigm of the 21st century to come up with some innovation of their own. In that five months their response can be summed up mathematically as:


They've repackaged some old junk in new forms. Compared to the iPhone, the Razr2 looks like hairy pimpled butt.

It's true.

In other news --

Did you know there's a pink Zune? It's perfect for those occasions when Guy's Night Out includes "Cats."