Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Update on Almost Everything


Motorola introduced something something Razr2 something something thinner something easier. Something something bottom line something. Consumers something something features something something Apple [AAPL - not a link - this either] something iPhone.

Ed Zander something something, "Carl Icahn [something something] asshole [something] and he can kiss my [something]."

Details are still sketchy.


Just learned via FSJ that Microsoft Math has been introduced. There is no news of a Mac version of Microsoft Math v 3.0. This is really sad. If you didn't know that Microsoft has announced Microsoft Math v 3.0 it really doesn't matter. If you're reading this you're probably on a Mac and have no need of that information.

There is apparently no Zune news. At least there isn't any here.

Bill Gates is just thrilled about Vista. As near as I'm able to discern, Vista still sucks. In a bold marketing move, Microsoft's Department of Unimaginative Products Names has come out of their weekly meeting and have decided that it's Mike's turn to bring doughnuts next Tuesday. They will rename "Longhorn Server" to "Windows Server 2008." This was determined to be the one name least likely to offend anyone. The originality is almost palpable.


They're still working on the Indy Car thing. They should be closing in on $15k by now. A more precise number would require someone to give half a shit, and it's the maid's day off. Oh well.


Apple is updating the MacBook with faster chips. I just read the spec sheet. I'm almost ready to own a laptop.

Seattle Seahawks

Jim Mora has been permitted to talk to reporters. He was not allowed to say anything that could be construed to be in any way offensive or controversial. Full text of the interview:

Reporters: Hey Jim. Mr. Mora. Can we have a minute?

JM: Hi. H - I. Not H - I - G - H. Not "Hi I want to coach the Huskies." Just hi.

Mr. Mora then was unavailable for further questions due to an untied shoe and a frantic search for some Gatorade.