Friday, May 11, 2007

A modest proposal

The date: December 27, 2006

The bet: I offered to bet Rich Karlgaard, Publisher of Forbes magazine, a box of cigars and a bottle of single malt scotch that Apple would hit $120/share in 2007.

The price of a share of Apple at the time: 81.52

The reason for the bet: Mr. Karlgaard suggested in his colum that Apple investors should sell.

I was willing to bet him then that it would make almost a 50% gain in a year.

He wasn't willing to bet it wouldn't, even though he published a column in his esteemed digest stating that Apple investors should take their profits and run. Seems to me that a guy in his position making observations like that ought to be willing to put at least a few bucks where his mouth is.

Maybe he thought I was kidding.

Or maybe he's just a wuss. That could happen.


Mac Daily News is reporting that Macworld has an AppleTV Superguide available. With all kinds of tips and tricks and stuff for how to get the most out of an AppleTV. I'm not going to buy one for several reasons:
1. That's tantamount to reading the manual. I don't do that.
2. I'm saving my money for an iPhone.
3. I'm saving my money for an AirPort Extreme.
4. I'm saving my money for a new MacPro tower.
5. It's $12.95. That's three glasses of IPA at the local watering hole.
6. I don't have an AppleTV yet.

Everybody else should probably buy it, even people who don't, technically, own a TV.

Even wussy publishers.