Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I heard that Paul Thurott wrote something about the Love/Hate thing on PC World. I thought I'd go research it a little and save you all the trouble. I wouldn't want all of my readers (eight, I think) to waste their precious time and bandwidth reading that stuff, so I spent a full minute in Google looking for it. That's right. I dashed myself on the jagged wave-swept rocks below for you. I even went to Paul Thurott's Windows SuperSite. It says on top of the home page that Microsoft has finished Vista, so it's right up to date.

Anyway, I didn't find anything that he said about anything. I'd look some more, but I've already used up a full minute of May's research budget. It's hell to have half the budget gone this early in the month.

On another note, according to a PC World thing that just came through on NewsFire, Americans aren't benefitting from Web 2.0. I thought that was pretty sad. Near as I can tell we're still in Web 0.0.9 (b). If this is the release version, it sucks. It's buggier than an Ubuntu convention.

Web 1.0 shouldn't have great big "Play" arrows in the middle of bad home movies cluttering up the bandwidth. Also, it's going to have to develop some kind of way to establish the credentials of some of these bozo "analysts" who claim to know their stuff when they're really just self-important flame-baiting blowhards -- not to mention anybody like Raw Benderly, J.C. Dickweed, or Turdbot by name.

Other Stuff

Got this from Fake Steve Jobs (Oh come on, the link is three inches away. Roll your mouse over there and click it.): The Linux guys who are trying to raise $350,000 to put a penguin on an Indy Car have collected $11,242.63 with 13 days 'til race time. By my calculations that is exactly the price to write "Linux" with a Sharpie on the dashboard of a desperately poor team's car in small, neat, sans serif lettering.

Microsoft is going to introduce a new Zune. Wow. It's expected to have more impact on the mp3 market than, say, the controversy over Pluto. I doubt it.

When the iPhone ships in June, Apple will be selling the world's first fully functional wireless home neural network. Information, entertainment, and communication all wirelessly connected to the world via the internet. For those keeping score at home, Apple is kicking ass. Official measuring stick: Apple stock is over $105. That's 735 in dog dollars.

All the Windows fanboys in the world can call us names if they want to, but we have the coolest stuff.

Neener. Neener. Neener.