Monday, May 21, 2007

It's When the Heart Stops, Dammit

Further proof that brain death isn't really the end:

Over at MacDailyNews there's an article about some stuporous investment analyst in Tel Aviv who recommends selling Apple stock. You can go over to MacDailyNews to read the article, but I wouldn't waste a hit going to the analyst's article.

MacDailyNews took the good time and trouble to rebut her decision-making criteria one item at a time.

Which I suppose is a good thing to do. Some folks might profit from an in depth analysis.

I read enough of the article to realize that it wasn't a cut'n'paste from The Onion.

The analyst who made the "sell" call used specious facts and a highly entropic reasoning process. Not to cast aspersions, but somebody who advises people what to do with their money shouldn't have his or her head that far up his or her ass. I don't really have anything against blonds, but I'll bet she is.

News of the Zune

I know I don't link stuff very often but sometimes exceptions must be made. This is so funny on so many levels, I just have to link it. Just telling it wouldn't work. You wouldn't believe me.

iPhone Update

A few more iPhone drawbacks:

It will not play PSP games.

Beckham is out hawking the Razr2 for Motorola. That sucks, even if you hate soccer. I do.

If you are carrying an iPhone you must bend at the knees to avoid back injuries while lifting heavy objects.

Eggs stick.

When using the iPhone as a vibrator for "personal massages" the battery life is not quite long enough, if you catch my drift.

You can lose it anywhere. I mean anywhere.

Hitting an iPhone more than three times with a ballpeen hammer will almost certainly void your warranty.


Today is May 21, 2007. You know what that means? It means tomorrow is Tuesday. If you're sensitive to such things.