Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Place Your Bets

Some days you just have to sit back, smile, and say, "Oh. Yeah."

For today, Apple news is so meager that it doesn't even warrant a separate comment from your favorite obscure opinionated blogger. Well the stock had an all-time high closing price, but other than that, not much to talk about.

So here, in no particular order are a few unsolicited and frankly unapologetic opinions:

I'm buying Intel stock. For the same reason I bought Apple (8 years ago). Intel innovates. Everybody else follows. Owning shares of innovation is good. Also, Apple's growth is good for the 800-pound gorilla of processor companies.

I should have bet Rich Karlgaard that Apple would hit $150 this year. That would have made it a challenge. Oh well, he hasn't acknowledged the bet anyway. Apple's going to blow past $120 before lunchtime on 6/11. I'll sell a share and go buy my own scotch and cigars. It isn't like any real movers and shakers would delay a good bowel movement to find out what I think anyway.

Maybe he'll go double or nothing for $150 by Christmas. Hey Rich. Still scared?

Independence Day will see the press scourging Apple for not making enough iPhones to meet the demand. You read it here first, assuming you're reading this. If not, you missed it.

Dell is already offering Ubuntu instead of Windows and charging a Windows "tax." I give it a year before either HP or Dell or both build their own Operating Systems. They'll be glorified Linux distros, but they'll beat the belly-button lint out of Vista.

Hey Open Source guys. The Free Market dogma is about to take a big dump in your karma. Novell, Google and the like have sort of decided that making mortgage payments is more important than gathering pollen for the hive. Watch for Dell, HP, Micron, Toshiba and Sony to do the same. Ethically, all those guys have a responsibility to share with the geek-commune. There's an old Hollywood adage that sort of defines how that will work out:

Lunch first. Then ethics.

Good luck.