Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh For Crying Out Loud

Alright. Dammit.

Steve. Stick to consumer electronics. Stay the hell out of politics.

If Al Gore runs for POTUS he'll get the political shit kicked out of him by whoever the Republican is. All this global warming bullshit just ain't playing in Peoria. When his "Save the Frigging Planet" concert tour took him to NYNY, some folks had to put their snow shovels away to go hear him blather. Add in that he has the sasquatch of carbon footprints and he comes across as a pure hypocrite.

Did I just say "global warming bullshit?"


Moving right along

There's a new site. Apple Investor News. It has everything you could want, except CARS, FSJ, Macalope, and of course, Rip Ragged.

I just read an article linked on there. It's by a guy named Bill Belew on some Japan-centric site that says Japanese phones are way better than the iPhone. Specifically the NTT DoCoMo i-mode phone can:

Pay for tickets on a train, plain, bus, concert, movie.

Serve as a membership card to a golf course, gym, or club.

Buy stuff from vending machines.

Play games.

Serve as an apartment, car, office key.

Get a boarding pass to a ferry.

Buy everything that a credit card can.

Open the garage door.

Be a remote control for home electronics.

Read my eye, face, fingerprint for security purposes.

Offer two phone numbers, and two email addresses in one phone

Be remotely locked if lost.

Huh. Big Fat Hairy Deal. They do all that shit in Japan. In Japan you need something small that does a bunch of different crap because space is at such a premium. I have three bathrooms in my house and two of them are bigger than a lot of Japanese apartments. In America I have room for two phones, a credit card, some cash, my keys, a cup of Starbucks, AND a place to sit all in one room, and I still have six or seven other rooms I'm not even using. In Japan they have a phone that opens garage doors and buys cigarettes.

I don't want to trade.

That Apple Investor News site is pretty cool anyway, though. Check it out. http://www.appleinvestornews.com/page-one.html