Wednesday, May 23, 2007

iPhone: Apple (AAPL) Makes The Wrong Moves

That's the same headline as the story over on Wall Street 24/7, by Mrs. Sullivan's boy, Todd. It seems Mrs. Sullivan left the PeeCee out and plugged in again, and the little bugger got hold of it.

The upshot of the article is pretty much summed up by the title. No I'm not going to link it.

He's completely full of shit.

He was heartened that a previous prediction of doom for the iPhone that he made has been bolstered by new information in USA Today. No kidding. USA Today spoke, little Toddy went to sleep with a smile.

He says that the only way you can get an iPhone is if you are one of the 47 million AT&T subscribers. If you aren't an AT&T subscriber, you can't have an iPhone.

Todd, I hate to be the one to tell you, buy most people weren't born with a wireless carrier's logo indelibly stamped on their asses. 47 million is is not an immutable number. AT&T might sign up enough people to make up the difference between current subscribers that want iPhones and 10 million.

if you're and Albertson's shopper, but you want Safeway brands, you go to Safeway. People can move to America because they don't have a Kansas in their country. Verizon customers can become AT&T customers. See a pattern developing here?

If you have any friends, see if any of them has ever had more than one girlfriend. Maybe they can brief you on the concept.

In the meantime, it only benefits me if people make trades based on that rehash you presented, but I do hate to see people make bad decisions only because they got bum doped.

Other than that, great article.

It's time for my medication.