Tuesday, May 29, 2007

PC World Says Something I Agree With

PC World has this thing called "The 10 Commandments for Blogs and Wikis." It's fairly recent. I like it.

You could do okay on most blogs just living by the set of rules they posted over there. Pretty common sense stuff, really. I try not to be too big of a jackass on other people's blogs.

Here at home I scratch where it itches. But then it says right in the title that I'm opinionated and stubborn clearly
enough for the people I'd look up from a Jumble Puzzle to talk to anyway.

Everybody who comments here has been wonderful (all six of you). No complaints at all from me. There has only been one guy come on here and attempt to change my mind on anything. He was all science and facts and shit. Who needs that? I have my opinions and a cold IPA. I'm happy.

The spaghetti's done.