Friday, March 23, 2007

The Olive Branch

It has come to my attention that we who speak of Apple products in a positive way are derided by those who consider Microsoft Windows to be the operating system of choice.

The "1984" ad is these days framed as Apple users marching lockstep and taking our instructions from the giant talking head. In 2007, the face on the screen is Steve Jobs. We are but mindless drones. If Steve introduces it we will buy it. No matter what it is. It can be so completely unrelated to computers as a.....a.....set-top box.

We are accused of being smug. We evangelize about our computers and our portable music devices. We sing the praises of our operating system, and we say things like, "Vista sucks."

We don't mean to be belittling of you PC users. Honest. We know that deep down inside you're all good people. We know you're using the "industry standard" and the "most popular" operating system in the world. We don't begrudge you that at all.

So send us an email. Let's be friends.

It's okay. You can run your virus-checker and reboot first. We'll wait.