Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yawn. Stretch.

News you can use:

Fake Steve has run the course. Jumped the shark. It was fun while it lasted.

His last little jibber-jabber about the lawyers fooled everybody. Well, okay. Not everybody. It fooled me. It fooled the /. nerds. I admit it. I bought in. It was easy.

I have to say, though, that I had mixed feelings about the possibility. One side of me was rooting for FSJ to prevail. After all, he has done something pretty amazing with a blogger account. It'd be tough to match that kind of success. His success is inspiring.

On the other shoulder, the little Rip in the six-colored gown and halo was rooting for Apple to cream the guy. He has been, at best, a heretic and at worst a blasphemer in the hallowed halls of the cult of Apple. He has portrayed His Steveness as possessing the very worst traits of an evil tyrant. Spoiled, selfish, lazy, drug-soaked, and cynical are not personality traits of greatness.

It turns out that the whole thing was another joke.

Reading Roughly Drafted, and some of the other stuff under Mr. Lyons' byline has convinced me that he isn't a faithful fanboy. He is another pretender. "I love Apple's products for the most part, but the company and the products really suck because...." I was looking to buy the book, Option$, but now I think I'll wait until it turns up at the used book store.

It's okay, though. I needed to make room for on my bookmarks bar anyway.