Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lifestyles of the Poor and Obscure

I can't imagine anything more fun than writing this blog. With the exception of the DFW intelligentsia, nobody gives a big shit what I have to say. I can say, for instance, that Windows is nothing more than a cheap-ass, poorly-done, shameless knock-off of the Macintosh operating system – not that I would. That would be mean. True, but mean.

I could say, if I wanted to, that owning a Mac in a world full of Windows PCs feels like cheating.

I read an article on CNET, I think, that said we need to quit being such a bunch of diehard, fanboy assholes about our (clearly superior) platform. I think that's right. We should stop trying to convince the rest of the world that they can actually spend all their computer time doing what they bought the dogdamn thing to do. Fuck 'em. The ones who call us names are the worst. Let them continue on in their ignorance. Dorks. Who gives a rat's ass? If you want to use an unstable, security mess of a cobbled-together, piece of shit operating system on a generic compubox, it's none of my business. Peace, dickhead.

Lots of people are saying negative things about Apple TV, too. Mostly the tech sites say it isn't selling as many units as they arbitrarily decided it should sell based on made up numbers and pre-determined multiplication factors. The financial/techblog/punditbot morons basically parrot the same thing, although they always add the word "halo" in there somewhere. Weird. The thing is, I never read anything from somebody who says, "I bought it. I hate it. This thing blows big ones." If it really isn't any good, why isn't anybody writing that somewhere? I want one. Especially now that I have a big screen HDTV. Maybe in February.

I usually don't write this until after dinner, when I'm in a better mood. I think I want to hear something in the key of D minor. Shut up.