Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Major News Day

Apple released iPhone 1.1.4. I, of course, downloaded it within moments after arriving at the house and I'm pissed.

Now my iPhone doesn't operate the garage door or my radio controlled Sopwith Camel. It doesn't get channel 13, and I was counting on watching the PBS pledge drive on it. The police scanner function? Dead. There wasn't a single new nude picture of Elle McPherson in the update. Not one. I turned it on and my black light posters didn't light up. Man. I'm just upset. And where's the icon for the SDK?

Is it just me or did the whole Microsoft-Yahoo! thing just sort of evaporate? Last week it was against the rules to write on the internet unless you included the words Yahoo and Microsoft somewhere in the text. This week, nothing.

Microsoft has kinda gotten used to getting whatever it wants over the last few years. Looks from here like a few people are summoning up the cojones to tell Ballmer and the team to pack sand.

More nothing. Nobody has even speculated about MacBook Air Jordan sales. Remember early somebody reported Apple was building 400,000 of those bad boys. Entry level price, without the optional anti-lock brakes and off-road towing package, is like $2,000. If they sell off the first batch, let's see that's two times four, with eight zeroes? According to my precise calculations, that's a pretty good chunk of change. No telling how long it will take.

Here's another phenomenon I'm noticing about the blogoverse that's a little disconcerting. It's like a house of mirrors. You can read the exact same story, slightly paraphrased, over and over and over and over. One guy wearing the tattered remnant of something resembling credibility reports something without a source or facts, and it gets repeated all over the whole dogdamn innertube.

Arik Hesseldahl, whose credentials are clearly established by the fact that he has a byline with Businessweak reported, based on nothing you can verify, that the iPhone SDK might maybe be delayed. All over the web, in places you hope to find good information, they're reporting the delay as a fact. Several porn sites, my bookie, realviagraforfree.com, Jokeroo, and other equally reputable places are reporting a one to three week delay as though it came down from the mountain on stone yellow legal tablets. The original source? A.H.

I'm hearing from my sources that Arik Hesseldahl is full of shit. I'm not hearing anything like a reason to doubt it.

Apple introduced a faster MB and MBP today. It's Tuesday. That's what they do.

Other news from Apple:

There's a blue Honda Civic in the parking lot with its lights on.

The Wellness Support Group has moved their regular meeting to Thursdays to accomodate requests based on training schedules.

The Friday special in the cafeteria will be fish and chips until further notice.

Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins, Neck and Neck. Awesome album. Yeh. It's on iTunes.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to find my teddy bear and wash up.