Thursday, February 21, 2008

Huh? Micro who?

There's a new post over on Roughly Drafted. If you came here before going there, I'll understand if you want to go read Daniel first. After all, he actually has insights and information that you might find meaningful and useful. I'm just going to be irresponsible and profane.

Yeh, the evil empire is in trouble. Actually, I think they'll be okay for a few more years. Microsoft won't fade away. One day the fabric of the curtain will tear, and the dopey old fart running the controls will be exposed as a fraud. Then it will all turn to shit faster than a peanut butter and Ex-Lax sandwich.

The new Vista SP1 is going to hit the streets soon. According to a couple of sites, the new fix will detect cracked installs. It won't disable anything. It will just pop up more annoying dialogue boxes. In between "Cancel or Allow" dialogs, you'll also get messages reminding you that if you can't even afford Windows, maybe you ought to be running Ubuntu. Dumbass.

I'm just wondering: what possible motivation can there be to crack Vista? "Look. Is that cool or what? I'm running arguably the shittiest mass-market OS on the planet, and I stole it. Be in awe of me."

Also, the thing in the service pack that finds the hacker code is called a "crack sniffer." I didn't make that up. I read it on another site. Same site, in the comments, somebody says the SP is already available as a torrent with a crack for the crack sniffer. You can't make this stuff up, folks.

I think it would cheap and sleazy of me to make additional jokes about a service pack with a crack sniffer.

The Linkin' Park thing? Just a six-song set. Maroon 5 is playing the same store on Sunday. After that maybe the Backstreet Boys, Roxette, Bananarama, The Indigo Girls, Zager and Evans, Homer and Jethro, The Ray Conniff Singers, The Lettermen, Englebert Humperdinck, Trini Lopez; you just never know. Probably not Wayne Newton. He's booked in Branson, MO for a while.

If there's going to be a big announcement associated with all this free music, it hasn't been mentioned in any serious way. So either the whole thing was fizzy-bubbles from the very outset, or it's so secret His Steveness doesn't have all the details yet.

Product Review: iTunes 7.6.1.

I downloaded it, installed it, opened it. It's playing my music library right this second. Works fine. It'll probably do all that other stuff it's supposed to do, too. I rate it a 9, Dick. The lyrics are great and it's easy to dance to.

John Gruber prefers B.O. over the "Republican." It seems B.O. has a better font than McCandidate. I momentarily thought that was a really stupid observation, but given the insignificant differences between the two flavors of big government liberalism, typeface selection is as good a criteria as any. Both candidates have nothing to say and never shut up.

It's National Engineers Week. You probably won't hear about it anywhere but here. Engineers are a fairly introverted lot as a whole. An extroverted engineer is one that stares at your shoes when he's talking.

I guess that's enough. I think I'll go yell at the neighbor kids for no reason. It keeps them off the yard.