Monday, March 03, 2008

This Counts as Research

I just got my copy of BusinessWeak in the mail. Stephen Wildstrom reviewed the Lenovo X300. He compared it to the MacBook Air Jordan. And he notes the following:

The X300 is thicker.

The X300 is heavier.

The X300 has a slower processor.

The X300 runs an inferior operating system.

The X300 is more expensive.

The X300 has a DVD drive.

In an almost tie of two machines whose leading feature is that they're supposed to be lightweight, the heavyweight wins by a nose (up Microsoft's ass). Even though the X300 compares unfavorably on every particular, it does have an obsolete battery-hogging optical drive.

Also, Mr. Wildstrom pointedly sets aside the comparison of operating systems at the very beginning. Yup. Never mind that the MBAJ has a recently updated and fully functional operating system, and that your best bet for an operating system on the X300 is eight-years old. Look at the extra plugs you get. And you can watch a standard DVD if you want to – maybe even most of the movie before your batteries crap out.

Not to mention that the Lenovo looks about as cool as black lace-up wingtips and white socks.

That's the kind of cutting edge product review that makes me glad BusinessWeak is a tax deductible business expense.

Apple missed another deadline. They don't have 1000 movies available for rent yet.

Geez. That sucks. Just between us kids, I haven't watched all of the first 700 yet, so I'll probably be okay. But hurry up.

Please, Mr. Jobs, open an Apple Store in Spokane, WA. This side of the State needs a little love, too. It's a college town. Gonzaga is there. Have you heard of it? Seattle shouldn't get ALL the goodies. Frankly, Best Buy hasn't got a clue how to sell Macs, and they don't seem to consider that a deficiency.

Somebody answer the phone.