Sunday, April 15, 2007

Breaking News

After sending our operatives under deep cover into the bowels of Apple Inc.... After exhaustive searches of every nook and cranny of the intenet... We even called several wrong numbers in the 530 area code...

We have found out that the death of Don Ho is DIRECTLY related to the late release of Leopard.

Experts are also concerned that Don Ho may have gotten lei'd on a grassy knoll.

Film at eleven

The estate of Don Ho wants everyone to realize that Tiny Bubbles was about champagne, not bong hits.


Rip Ragged has been a fan since the early '60s and thinks Don Ho represented Hawaii as the coolest place on the planet, and that he was awesome. I hope that Don has ukeleles and 19-year old hula girls for all of eternity. I also hope he's in a sharing mood when I get to heaven.